Hamilton fights for his fifth F1 title (live)

Soon will begin the race...

Lights out!

Hamilton gets away, but Räikkönen (Ferrari) takes the lead.

Vettel has been left in a spin after a clash with Ricciardo, so he is down into 15th place.

7. lap: Vettel is up into 9th position.

9. lap: Ricciardo’s race is over.

12. lap: Hamilton swerved in very late.

13. lap: Räikkönen leads Hamilton by 5.4 secs.

29. lap: Vettel sets a new fastest lap of 1.38.715min

30. lap: Hamilton leads Räikkönen by almost 16 secs.

31. lap: Leclerc has been ordered to retire for the second race in a row.

45. lap: Räikkönen, Verstappen, Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel.

46. lap: There are only 3.8 secs between the front three of Räikkönen, Verstappen and Hamilton.

Kimi Räikkönen wins US GP!

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